Death of dog prompts rescuers to bring change to Beauregard Parish

Death of Beauregard dog prompts rescuers to bring change

BEAUREGARD PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Finding Renee Smith without a dog by her side is rare. She runs Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue so when she got the call from a Longville woman about a neglected dog, she did what she could.

"She was so weak she couldn't even hold her head up," said Smith. "She was literally just like a dead body carrying her in."

Blood transfusions and three days of intensive care proved not enough for Elsya the pit bull.

"It was just too much for her little body to keep going," said Smith.

Now, rescuers want to see change in the parish to make sure this never happens again.

"What we want to see is more ordinances parish wide in Beauregard," said Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue Attorney, Alyson Antoon. "Based on our research, right now all they have is basically a leash law related to domesticated animals."

The Beauregard Parish Sheriff's Office is also investigating how the case with Elysa was handled.

"The woman who found Elysa called the sheriff's department first and they told her to shoot her," said Smith. "Luckily she came to us instead."

"Someone answered the phone hello," said Sheriff Ricky Moses. "We answer the phone Sheriff's Department so we're still trying to track down who she called and she's going to try to provide her phone records to me and I'll see if it matches one of our deputies."

Moses also said the parish cares about its pets and while there's a lack of ordinances, they follow state laws when it comes to animal cruelty.

"They need to call the sheriff's office and we'll investigate it like we do any other case," said Moses.

But for now, Smith said she'll continue to be the voice for those like Elysa.

Smith and her attorney said the next step is hopefully to sit down with parish officials. They said they're not trying to attack the parish, but work together to see positive change.

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