CPSB members call meeting, then decide to postpone

CPSB members call meeting, then decide to postpone
(Source: CPSB)
(Source: CPSB)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu Parish School Board members held a Special Called meeting tonight to go over contract details for Superintendent Elect Karl Bruchhaus. But that didn't happen.

The board called tonight's meeting knowing what it was about, but in the end, postponed it saying they didn't have all the information.

But it all happened after 30 minutes of discussion, which had members on both sides of the debate.

On Wednesday, Calcasieu Parish School Board members met for their Special Called meeting.

But at its' inception, board members had concerns.

"I'm contending that this meeting is not actually to be conducted at this point," said CPSB member Mack Delafosse.

Delafosse questioned how they could vote on the new contract after receiving it just 30 minutes before the meeting. Legal counsel read the law.

"All board meeting materials and supporting data shall be decimated to board members and shall be mailed no later than five days prior to the board meeting," said Attorney Greg Belfour.

Legal Counsel says it wasn't possible to do that since Bruchhaus was elected Saturday; however board members were the ones who called for Wednesday's meeting, sparking more debate.

"Someone tell me why we're in such a rush tonight. I feel like its being shoved down my throat," said CPSB member Randy Burleigh.

Board member Joe Andrepont added, "It's not trying to be difficult but let me remind you when we signed other contracts with the previous superintendent, we had copies of the contract well in advance. To rush something through here is poor business and I won't be a part of it."

Others suggested taking action on the other items which are to update the title of Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction to Chief Academic Officer.

"So that they may advertise for that position, if not, that's going to delay advertisement for that position and item C is to accept the resignation of Mr. Savoy," added board member R.L. Webb.

Wayne Savoy was not present, however, Bruchhaus stated they shouldn't enter a contract with dissension, and said to defer it.

"Have everybody have time to make themselves happy, everybody pick the things they want to complain about, we'll negotiate them, if we need to do that in executive session we can set that," said Bruchhaus.

But after discussion, board member Billy Breaux motioned they reconvene the meeting next Tuesday and that was put to a vote, which passed.

The vote means their exact same meeting will now be held Tuesday, June 24.

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