Competitive cheerleading as rigorous as other sports

competitive cheerleading

When you hear the word 'sport' you probably think of football or baseball. But many people are skeptical about including competitive cheerleading into that category. However, according to the American Medical Association, 'cheerleading is as rigorous as many other activities that high schools and the NCAA consider sports.'

"We do have to follow rules and regulations at competitions, like within USASF rules. So as far as safety, as far as what you can do, age limits, it's all put into a category and it's very competitive. These girls and guys here will show up 5 days of the week to do private lessons to be up to their best."

And even male athletes say they feel the strain that cheerleading puts on your body.

"I actually do play football, and it's definitely a different kind of soreness. Like working out and doing all the stunts, and different activities that we do, it's definitely a different kind of soreness."

"We have to ice their knees, we have to ice their ankles."

"But the most important part of competitive cheerleading is becoming a family. And these guys say they wouldn't be successful without the help and support of their teammates.'

"I know that if I go into practice, I would not make it through the routines if I didn't have my teammates yelling for me."

That encouragement is what pushes this team to be the best.

"you have to go to NC Nationals, that's like the competition. So we took 2 teams, and our Senior 4 Co-ed team actually went and won their division."

And preparation for next years competitions is already under way.