Lake area volunteers practice search and rescue drills

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - OEP and other agencies in the lake area met at Sam Houston Jones State Park for fundamentals of search and rescue training.

Deep in the woods at the park are clues.

"The individuals in the class have been in a classroom for the last four or five days and now we're going over the practical aspect from all the stuff they have been taught," said Chairman of the Search and Rescue Committee, Robert Daughdril.

The clues are to find Little Lost Larry. Larry is a made up three-year-old lost in the woods.

"There are survivor techniques," said volunteer Juliana Melin. "It's like the Girl Scouts I never got to go to and I'm just learning how to be out in the woods and training myself to notice the details."

This 24-hour outdoor training is full of lake area residents.

"I thought this was a really good way to get involved in the community and learn what it takes to be good at search and rescue," said Melin.

Volunteers are practicing with this pretend mission to prepare for reality.

"In the state of Louisiana, there's not a whole lot of wilderness search and rescue teams so we're willing to go out and assist anyone that calls," said Daughdril.

These search and rescuers ask that no one leaves the wilderness versus a loved one to chance.

"Most people have the assumption that they have to wait 72 hours to file a police report or whatever," said Daughdril. "No, if someone's missing, call 911."

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