St. Louis hosts Youth Soccer camp coinciding with the FIFA World Cup

That's the sound of 60 plus kids participating in the St. Louis Youth Soccer Camp.

"It's very exciting. It's also exciting that it just so happened to coincide with the World Cup starting and everything. But it was a great turnout and a great time for soccer this year."

Not only are they being taught the basics of soccer, but the campers are also well on their way to becoming World Cup experts.

"Some of them are really getting into the World Cup, they are learning more about it. And I think they are starting to pick a favorite team."

"I wanted them to understand why the United States is playing Germany, Ghana, and Portugal. I wanted to try to give them an idea of exactly what they are watching."

And while Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are who kids dream to be like, it's the St. Louis High School players that these beginners look up to.

"It makes me happy, for one. Just to see all of them, and give them smiles on their faces. Just to have a good time and hopefully want to play soccer."

And the most important thing Head Coach Jason Oertling wants them to take away from the camp?

"They seem to really enjoy it, and that's half the battle. Whatever they do, we want them to enjoy it. Just help them enjoy soccer a little bit more by what they do over these 3 days, then I think that's a win for everybody. And, hey, if you want to get better, watch the best players in the world."

Advice these campers are sure to take to heart.