Lake Charles residents pitch ideas for waterfront property

(Source:Barbe Property)
(Source:Barbe Property)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - There's no buyer's remorse when it comes to what's currently called Contraband Pointe, according to Real Estate Consultant Mary Kay Hopkins.

"It's very much for sale," said Hopkins. "If someone came along and wanted to buy the entire 150 acres and we could decide on a reasonable price then they'd sell it to one individual."

Hopkins said the owners are also willing to sell the property in portions, but under firm guidelines.

"It's a healthy burden that they want to do the right thing with the property, because it's a chance for Lake Charles to do something really great," said Hopkins.

It's the location of the property that Hopkins said is so appealing to buyers.

"If you look at the property and consider that it's got practically a mile of water frontage on the banks of the contraband bayou, that's huge," said Hopkins.

Besides the water, the property surrounds popular spots.

"You got 210, the two casinos, the water front, frontage on Prien and frontage on Nelson, and so it has got a unique location," said Hopkins.

Hopkins also said the owners are working closely with DOTD to ensure this waterfront property helps instead of hurts the lake area.

"Lots of people will tell you that we're hungry for more restaurants on the water and just the ability to enjoy more of the water," said Hopkins.

Some residents on Facebook are hoping Contraband Pointe turns into a River Ranch like in Lafayette. Other said they hope for more restaurants and homes on the water.

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