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Hometown Patriot: Ronnie Odom

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Ronnie Odom. (Source: KPLC) Ronnie Odom. (Source: KPLC)
Ronnie Odom. (Source: KPLC) Ronnie Odom. (Source: KPLC)

Ronnie Odom is a familiar face in the Lake Area. If you don't recognize him from his coaching and teaching days at Barbe High, it may have been at a function for the American Legion. Odom was drafted on the last day of 1965 and spent four years on active duty, but was never sent to Vietnam.

"In fact, I volunteered for southeast Asia and never left one post in Delaware," said Odom. "I look back today and maybe think there was a divine intervention." 

Odom has worn a uniform for 33 years, and he says he's proud of that. Currently in the Army Reserve, Odom recently spent time in the Mideast helping pay contractors in cash for things like roads, buildings and water wells. 

"Everything we did there was in U.S. currency. In fact, I spent a total of $4,125,000 in U.S. currency.  I never carried a weapon, carried it in brown paper bags, suitcases." 

Giving back to the community is why Odom stays involved in the American Legion.

"I think probably my mother taught me that this: that if you can help somebody, somebody can help you. Never turn your back on anybody. It's going to come full cycle, full circle. I'm a firm believer in that."

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