CPSB denies charter application

CPSB denies charter application
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Tuesday was Superintendent Wayne Savoy's last Calcasieu Parish School Board meeting. And he ended things with a big recommendation dealing with a charter school application.

"It is my recommendation that we do not join in a partnership with this organization," said Savoy.

Savoy recommended the Calcasieu Parish School Board deny the 'Type 1' application submitted by Louisiana Achievement Charter Academy.

"They're wanting to open two public charter schools in the parish," explained Savoy.

However, they applied to open 12 charter schools statewide, over a four-year span - including the two in Calcasieu Parish.

Board members chimed in.

"Would we have any authority over that school or any control?" questioned board member Dale Bernard.

Attorney Greg Belfour, legal counsel for the board answered, "If you approve it, it becomes a 'Type 1' charter and then you enter into an agreement with the charter school assuming you can reach such an agreement."

While there's been correspondence between the school board and the charter academy in terms of written responses, one board member raised a question.

"Why didn't they come to the board?" asked board member Fred Hardy.

Savoy responded by saying he couldn't answer that, but that they were notified about the meeting date.

The board then opened the floor to public comment.

"Does anyone want to speak on the charter school?" asked board President Annette Ballard.

Still, there were no takers.

"I don't see any, I'll go to board members," said Ballard.

And after a quick vote, the application was denied.

Although denied by the school board, the charter academy still has another option.

"If we deny this application then all they do is go to BESE and get the application anyway, correct?" asked board member Bill Jongbloed.

Attorney Belfour says BESE can approve or deny their application; however they would become a 'Type 2' charter.

Savoy says that means, "They would be under their own umbrella, not ours. That would be the major difference."

The same charter academy already has two schools in Baton Rouge, as well as two coming to Lafayette in August.

The school board also voted this evening on the interview order for the final four candidates in the running for superintendent.

Picking names out of a jar, the interview order is as follows:

  1. Dr. Marcus Jackson
  2. Dr. Ina Delahoussaye
  3. Dr. Charles Michel
  4. Karl Bruchhaus

Interviews begin at 9 A.M. Saturday, June 14 at the school board. Afterwards, the board is expected to decide on the next superintendent.

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