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Local seafood restaurants adjust to price hike on shrimp

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It's been nearly four decades since the price of shrimp has been this high, but it hasn't hampered demand.

"We tell our customers as best as we can why we raise prices, we explain everything to them," said manager at Steamboat Bills Paige Francis.

Francis says the recent shrimp price hike has been a serious bump on the road for business.

"It's been one of the hardest struggles that we faced because we wanted to accommodate our customers," said Francis. "For six months, we stayed the same and our prices didn't change. We wanted to see how it would fluctuate to see if it would come back down and it didn't so we were forced to raise our prices."

Other local restaurants like Sha Sha's of Creole on Ryan St. said they've been feeling the hit too.

The Department of Wildlife and Fisheries shrimp program manager Martin Bourgeois said the price for shrimp has nearly doubled since last year and it may be due to the lack of imported shrimp.

"It's been a real set back and that's affected their production," said Bourgeois.

An Asian virus caused a shortage on imported shrimp this year causing more local fisherman to charge more shrimp from area waters.

"We're happy for them," said Francis. "Even though it's kind of caused a rift in our business, we are so happy for them."

Many seafood restaurant owners say it's been tough getting adjusted to the price hike and some say it may take another season for things to get back to normal, bust most of them do say that they're trying their best to accommodate to both the shrimp prices and the demand from customers.

"That was our biggest struggle," said Francis. "Just trying to find a happy medium and adjusting as far as prices are concerned."

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