Lake Charles soldiers train at Camp Shelby

Lake Charles soldiers train at Camp Shelby for overseas missions

The mission may be a simulation, but for the 3-156 Infantry Battalion out of Lake Charles it's practice at Camp Shelby that is crucial for the real deal.

"It's important because these soldiers need to know how to operate in this type of terrain, because that's what we're working with overseas," said Sgt. Paul Brinkman.

Two weeks at Camp Shelby means many missions.

"It's a state of the art training facility that they have at Camp Shelby for the urban operations and urban fight," said Maj. Aaron Duplechin.

One by one, soldiers work together during an "urban" attack.

"Once we put security around the building, then one of our squads went in and cleared the building," said Brinkman.

The facility is made to look like real environments overseas.

And with another mission down, this Lake Charles unit can finally get some rest.

"We've been working here tirelessly," said Brinkman. "I got guys that are tired, they're ready to get out of here, but they're having fun so we're making it happen."

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