Employers support Lake Charles soldiers during training

Bosses see Lake Charles soldiers train

For members of the 3-156 Infantry battalion headquartered out of Lake Charles, practice missions are normal. But for many of their employers, it's an eye-opening experience.

"One of the young men that works for me has already been on two deployments during the time he's worked for me and we just wanted to come out and support him," said Byron Holmes.

What started as a helicopter ride for these bosses from Lake Charles to Camp Shelby in Mississippi, is now a full mission.

"Really seeing those guys work as a unit though and as a team to clear out that building was probably the best part," said Nick Nazar.

The boss lift gives employers a good idea of why an annual two-week training is important for a soldier to leave work and keep up their skills.

"They can understand deployment, but when their soldiers leave for their two weeks of training they don't understand what it is all about and it gives them an idea of what annual training really means," said Danny Allen, volunteer for Employee Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).

Allen said there's often a misunderstanding when it comes to soldiers rights, which is why the organization helps fly out bosses to their employee train firsthand.

"Employers they will gradually understand the whole concept of military orders and how they work and how soldiers go on duty and off duty," said Allen.

"I've got other employees that are in the guard as well and just being able to come out here and show my support is pretty cool." said Nazar.

Proving it's a successful round-trip to Mississippi, making two worlds meet for these Lake Charles soldiers.

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