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Vinton Police look for others in riot video

  Four more arrest warrants are issued in that fight in Vinton Sunday night-- a fight police call a riot.

  Police are still trying to identify two whose acts were among the most violent caught on video.

Friday is a peaceful, this morning at the Magnolias apartments in Vinton.  The only sounds are birds chirping, and an occasional car driving by.  That's in a sharp contrast to Sunday's riot.

Police say the woman who started came here with reinforcements to try to collect money she said she was owed.  

She's Lacie Raylene Piazza , booked Sunday on a charge of inciting to riot-- along with Nathan McClain who police say was with her.   

Since those arrests police have identified others seen committing crimes on the video from social media.   Warrants for felony inciting to riot have also been issued against Brandon Guidry who police say is the man in the video wearing bright blue shorts seen throwing punches; Nicholas Randell wears a lighter T-shirt.  While, Diamond Hillery, police say, is the woman in orange repeatedly hitting Piazza who's in a truck.

Chief Ricky Fox says they've not yet identified the two seen kicking Jeromy McClain--who suffered a head injury.  They kicks appear swift and hard and make a sound as McClain's head suffers the impact.  But Fox says they will identify those who injured McClain.

"That's the way thugs try to solve their problems.  That's all you can say about most of these people is they're thugs.  They know no other way.   So, if they don't know any other way we'll try to intervene for that.  The Vinton Police Department will get you when you're involved in this type of behavior," said Fox.

Sandra Joseph has lived near the apartments for years.  She wants young people to think before they act.

"I know things happen fast but they should understand that you have to think first before you swing," said Joseph.

Joseph says she does what she can to have a positive influence on young people and encourage them to do the right thing.

"I love working with the youth.  That's why I'm concerned about our youth," said Joseph.

Fox says those involved in Sunday's fight should not force police to hunt for them.

"They know where the Vinton Police Department is.  Don't make us come looking for you. We know how you have a propensity for violence.  It's not going to be nice," said Fox.

No word as to whether the three latest suspects identified have reported to police.  One of today's four warrants was for a 16 year old.  His name is confidential because he's a juvenile.

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