D Day survivor from Sulphur still remembers that day

D-day survivor from Sulphur remembers that day 70 years ago

June 6, 1944 is day George Babineaux will never forget. He was part of the U.S. Army's first wave to storm Omaha beach at Normandy on D-Day. Just like in the movie, "Saving Private Ryan," the minute the doors to his Higgins boat dropped down, they were attacked.

"They were waiting for us," remembered Babineaux."I couldn't believe it. They opened up on us. I was the machine gunner. I had to pick up my gun and a wave came up and it almost drowned me."

Once he hit land, he took off. He says a Bible and a metal spoon in his front pocket saved his life from a German bullet.

"I started running. I didn't bother about the gun. I just took off. I got halfway and they hit me in the Bible and it threw me on my back."

George was the only one of his 17 member platoon to survive D-Day. He says it's something that has haunted him ever since.

"It's unspeakable and I hate to even think about it because I spent so long to try to forget it.

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