Re-vote on housing project, helping accident victim, Common Core

Good Wednesday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*A re-vote is coming on whether to allow that large worker housing project at Southland Field in Carlyss.  Find out about the board's decision to vote again and when public comments will be heard.

*A donation fund has been set up for the lone survivor in a horrible crash that killed three people in Sulphur two weeks ago.  We'll tell you how Lexi Herrin is recovering today and why your help is needed.

*Governor Bobby Jindal is looking into repealing Common Core by executive order.  Hear why Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White says Jindal does not have authority to do this.

*The man in charge of Louisiana's Department of Veterans Affairs is stepping down.  We'll tell you about the man set to replace the vacancy left by Rodney Alexander.

*In today's The New Family Tree, we'll have a live interview about the plight of older children in need of adoptive families.  Find out how you could change the life of one of these kids desperately in need of parents before reaching the age of 18.

Make it a Sunrise day!