Pearl Street Bridge in Sulphur closed indefinitely due to structure deficiencies

Pearl St. Bridge in Sulphur (Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC)
Pearl St. Bridge in Sulphur (Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC)

SULPHUR, LA (KPLC) - Sulphur announced Pearl Street bridge is closed indefinitely after a routine inspection performed by the state Department of Transportation and Development revealed "structural deficiencies" and is requesting the City of Sulphur do immediate repairs.

"Pearl Street bridge was built back in 1975," said Sulphur Mayor Chris Duncan, who announced the closing Thursday. "It was built with wooden piles. Over the ages and time and the water, those wooden piles are deteriorating."

Duncan said replacing a bridge like this can cost up to a $1 million and the city is considering options.

"So that we don't put any citizen's safety on the line, we decided we would close the bridge indefinitely," Duncan said. "That way, we can evaluate the structural condition of the bridge and see what we can do."

This is the second notice DOTD has given the city about the bridge. Duncan said keeping the bridge closed is the best decision for the safety of residents.

Duncan said as of July 1, Sulphur's bridges will also be inspected by an outside firm that specializes in private company infrastructure as well as help with recommendations.

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