Boaters celebrate National Maritime Day with special ceremony

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - One by one, each boat gained a blessing in remembrance of Mariners.

"We want to commemorate the fallen and lost sailors at sea," said boater Jeff Howse.

This is the 9th year for the blessing of the boats held at the lakefront. The Propeller Club of Southwest Louisiana Ports hosts the event each year. It's a ceremony in honor of National Maritime Day.

"We're remembering all of the lost sailors that have lost their lives performing merchant marine services," said President of the Propeller Club of Southwest Louisiana Ports.

Boaters across Southwest Louisiana docked their boats at the seawall across from the Civic Center.

"There is a comradery between boaters and you don't have to know each other, but it's just a comradery," said Irene Howse.

It's a family that's making the most of the holiday with a fitting ceremony by honoring those with a love for the sea and a love for their country.

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