KPLC Remembers: Theresa Schmidt

(Source: KPLC)
(Source: KPLC)

When Theresa Schmidt arrived here at KPLC in 1978, the newsroom was located in a former gas station, and a computer was no where to be found.

"When I first came here, we only had land lines," said Theresa. "We used typewriters when I first got here. In fact, when I first got here, we had a couple of manual typewriters. Then, as far as shooting and editing video, when I first got here, we were still using some film."

Theresa would later meet and marry the American Press reporter Hector San Miguel. She says she had a special understanding with her late husband.

"We did not discuss things that we were working on, but I could always tell when he had some big scoop. It would really make me nervous, because I absolutely hate to get scooped. I would always tell him that it better not be on my beat or it'll be a really cold month."

Over the years, Theresa says she's always preferred reporting on issues that affect people.

"I really enjoy going out in the field and meeting all the different people. One of my personal sayings is 'Always be a blessing; never be a curse.' To me, one of the most fulfilling parts of the job is being able to help someone who needs help or give a voice to someone who doesn't have a voice."

Theresa says she's always preferred to be a reporter rather than an anchor.

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