5 Locals draw attention to Lake Charles CrossFit Craze

Local Crossfit Craze

Cross-fit, a physical exercise philosophy considered a competitive fitness sport, is taking the world by storm. With 3 cross-fit boxes just in the Lake Charles Area, you start to wonder: What is so attractive about this high intensity workout?

"What originally attracted me to cross-fit was as soon as I got into it, the people, and the competitive spirit, and for me, it's like sports for adults."

"I have this internal competitive hunger that needs to be quenched, and this just does it for me."

The company created the Sport of Fitness, known as the Cross-fit Games, where they crown the fittest man and woman on Earth.

"after the open, you qualify to go to regional's, and they take the top 48 females and top 48 men."

And 5 of those 96 will be traveling from Lake Charles.

"The fact that 5 people qualified individual from this little small town that has just a handful of boxes in it is pretty remarkable."

"That makes me really proud as a resident of Lake Charles that our fitness and our cross-fit spirit has taken off here."

The South Central Regional competition, held in San Antonio, will last 3 days and include 7 different workouts.

"The first workout is we're trying to find out 1 rep max hang snatch, and then we're gonna try to walk on our hands as far as we can go. Another one is called Dirty Girls and we have to do 50 pistols, 7 muscle ups, and 10 hang power cleans and 3 rounds of that. And one more is 64 pull ups and 8 over head squats, 135 pounds, 8 reps in 6 minutes."

And the competitions start tomorrow at 9AM