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Termite swarms return to SWLA

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Formosan termite swarmers. (Source: MGN Online/USDA/Scott Bauer) Formosan termite swarmers. (Source: MGN Online/USDA/Scott Bauer)

Each May, Formosan subterranean termites swarm in parts of southern and central Louisiana. This year is no different.

"Many residents will notice them around lights at night beginning in April with some hanging around until August," said LSU AgCenter entomologist Dennis Ring, in a news release.

"Early to mid-May is when they will swarm most, but there be some 'swarmers' around later into the summer looking for a mate," said Ring.

According to LSU AgCenter Communications Specialist Johnny Morgan, termite colonies consist of soldiers, workers and reproductives. The reproductives are the ones with wings, who swarm in search of a mate this time of year.

To keep the swarms at bay, Ring recommends hiring a professional.

"Any homeowner could dig the trench and apply the termiticide, but there are areas that would just be too hard for the average homeowner to reach," Ring said.

Ring said that seeing swarms near outside lights at night or seeing a few termites in the home are not necessarily a cause for concern.

"The time to worry is if you are seeing 50 to 100 and you don't know if the home has been treated," said Morgan.

"It is unusual, but you can see swarms anytime during the year," Ring said. "But normally, when you see swarms during these odd times is when they are responding to a treatment that's been applied."

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