Bayou Picker looks for historical items

You may be familiar with the reality TV show "American Pickers." Jason Machulski of Sulphur calls himself a "Bayou Picker." Machulski is on a mission.  He's looking not only for things to add to his collection, but to find out more about our area's origins, backgrounds and customs.

"All this represents history," said Machulski. "Local history.  War history.  Stuff that brings back a childhood memory."

Jason scours local garage and estate sales looking for small pieces of southwest Louisiana history... like this old fashioned stereoscope, similar to what later became a viewfinder.

"What you do is put the slide in and put it up to your eye," said Machulski. "It gives you the feel that you're inside the picture.  It's an amazing feeling that this technology was around back that long ago."

"The reason I'm attracted to this piece is the rust," said Machulski. "The rust, I don't know, it's some part of me.  I just love rust.  It's flowing through my veins.  It draws you to it and has you wondering what it's been through."

Jason recently donated a dollar to the Brimstone Museum and vows to use it to trade up or barter for other items that can be donated to its display.

"In his process, we hope that he discovers a little piece of history that is undiscovered at the moment," said Thom Trahan, director of Brimstone Museum. "Maybe sitting in someone's attic or closet somewhere.  An old flyer from a grocery store or a movie theater here in town.  All those artifacts we'd love to see here at the museum."

And as this Bayou Picker scours the countryside, he might just discover a tidbit or two of Lake Area history.

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