LEAP score delay concerns educators

LEAP score delay concerns educators
(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Public schools in Louisiana are supposed to receive results from LEAP, iLEAP and LAA2 standardized tests today.

While there's no set date on when results are distributed to school districts, educators say they're used to receiving them the Friday before school gets out.

But that didn't happen this year. State Superintendent John White emailed school districts last week, stating results would be delayed until this week, but no explanation was given for the delay.

While it's a concern for students and their parents, educators say they're concerned too.

"The information that I got is of course that test scores were not ready to be released on Friday," said Mark Hayes, President of the Calcasieu Association of Educators.

Hayes says normally they receive their LEAP and iLEAP scores the Friday before school gets out, but this year was unusual, as results were delayed.

"And we have not really been given any explanation as to what happened, why they didn't go out," said Hayes.

LEAP results determine whether fourth and eighth graders can advance to the next grade level, whereas iLEAP looks at the progress of third, fifth, sixth and seventh graders. Those who fail need to take summer remediation, so they can re-test at the end of summer to be promoted to the next grade.

While it's a concern for parents who need to know how to plan their summers, Hayes says it's also a concern to educators.

"Monday and Tuesday, teachers in Calcasieu Parish will be attending 'in-service' to start making plans for our curriculum next year and a lot of that we were going to use information from data from that test to set our curriculums. So right now we're kind of concerned with, when we do meet next week to start mapping our curriculum for next year, what kind of data are we going to have to start planning?" said Hayes.

So far, Hayes says there's been no indication that teacher 'in-service' will be delayed in Calcasieu Parish, but for teachers who are trying to get a jump start on next year, they'll have to use what data they do have at that time, "to do what we can, to again be prepared for next year."

For now, it doesn't appear summer remediation is going to be pushed back for school districts in our area. According to school board calendars, Jeff Davis, Allen and Beauregard Parish begin summer remediation May 27 and Calcasieu begins May 30. No word from Cameron Parish as of yet.

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