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Suspected thieves caught on camera at downtown business


Surveillance video at Candice Alexander's downtown art studio tells the story. A man and a woman enter the store around 12:50 p.m. Wednesday, May 14th. At first they appear to be shopping.

"It looks like they might have been customers, but then they started walking around the store to make sure no one was there," said Candice Alexander, Artist and business owner.

As it turns out, employee Kelly Hunter stepped out for just a moment. Alexander said that was all they couple needed. Surveillance video shows the man directing the woman to the back office - telling her to go inside. In the office was Hunter's purse and wallet. The woman walks in and out -- then the couple immediately made a fast getaway towards the back door without being noticed.

The wallet would not be discovered missing until Alexander and Hunter went to lunch.

"When we got back here... We started looking around. I went back to the post office to see if maybe I had left it there and that's when Candice had the inclination that maybe we should check the cameras," said Hunter.

"It's unfortunate... We can't even really go to the bathroom or step out for a second without someone creeping in and taking something that doesn't belong to them," said Alexander.

Before she could cancel her credit cards, Hunter said records show they spent nearly $3,000 at several Lake Area stores, some of which also have them on surveillance video.

"I think they probably split up and used multiple cards at multiple times because that's a lot of money to spend at one time in just an hour and a half," said Hunter.

While Hunter has filed a police report she also has a message for area businesses.

"It's really disturbing to see that people can go and run up credit cards and make these purchases and not a single business steps up and says excuse me -- I have no idea if this is you or your credit card. Please ask to see an I.D.," said Hunter.

Lake Charles Police are actively working this case and following up several leads.

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