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Your Week in Viral Videos: 'Soccer Lions' are the real 'Hero Cats'

Why would this idiot get dressed up and play with lions? For a commercial, of course. (Source: Van Gils/YouTube) Why would this idiot get dressed up and play with lions? For a commercial, of course. (Source: Van Gils/YouTube)

(RNN) – You're only here to watch "Hero Cat" again, but indulge some other worthy videos for just a few minutes.

We'll start with some real Hero Cats. Some crazy dude got dressed up all fancy and played soccer with "wild lions." First off, that's incredibly stupid. Second, it makes "Hero Cat" look like a coward.

All lions are wild, but why these lions don't rip this guy's face off is a mystery of nature. This video is pretty incredible, but there are still two things that would make it better. First, the lions could play baseball, and second, it's a commercial for a clothing company, so it could, you know, not be that.

Adamantium advantage

There is one immutable law of nature that will always be true: The man who will take the time to build Wolverine claws is not the type of man you want to have access to Wolverine claws.

This video is just two minutes of a crazy man yelling like a crazy man and making his homemade Wolverine claws deploy and retract. He shreds a piece of cardboard and slices the top off a watermelon to show they actually work, but the rest of it is him laughing like a maniac.

Two million people have watched this in three days. We live in a depraved society.

Going Vogue

If you've ever ridden in an ambulance, it probably wasn't fun. If you're driver is blasting Rihanna, it probably won't make it any better. However, if he's getting his groove on, maybe it will.

There was no one with this driver, and his shift was over, but it's still not exactly a safe thing to do, and this driver got reprimanded for his antics. It's still fun to watch, however.

WARNING: This video contains gluten

So what exactly is gluten, anyway? Basically it holds bread together and gives it a spongy quality.

Going gluten-free is the new "it" thing to do, but is there a good reason to do it? Science says probably not (unless you have an allergy or legitimate intolerance). In fact, it might actually be bad for you because you could be missing out on nutrients and eating more fat, which is often added to gluten-free foods.

Then again, YouTube isn't exactly WebMD, so do what you want.

Animal of the Week

This so-called "Hero Cat" is getting all the publicity it can after chasing away the dog that attacked a 4-year-old boy. It's throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game and will be on the cover of the catriarchy propaganda rag Cat Fancy.

But here's the story you're not hearing: This so-called "Hero Cat" is no hero. Oh sure, it chased off a dog at least five times its size, but isn't the editing on this video just a little bit too perfect to fit the "Hero Cat" agenda?

This is just another example of the violent oppression dogkind has been suffering through for centuries. "Hero Cat" was probably the aggressor for years and the dog was just lashing out as a cry for help. This video has gotten 19 million views in four days, but don't be hoodwinked. There's mischief afoot.

This video smells like a rat. Why isn't "Hero Cat" trying to find that rat? Isn't that its job in the first place? We're onto you "Hero Cat," if that's your real name. (Note: It's not. It's Tara.)

More stuff for when you're bored

Behold the humble grilled cheese sandwich. It's a delightful blend of cheese, bread and butter heated enough to melt the things that melt and brown the things that brown. It's simple and wonderful. Unless you're TV chef Alton Brown, that is. He needs olive oil, two types of cheese, paprika and some specialized instruments he customized himself on an actual charcoal grill. It's all unnecessary and takes far too long to make, but the sandwiches look really good.

Speaking of unnecessary, some overachievers from Purdue designed a ridiculous contraption consisting of a gumball machine, a giant screw and a bunch of other random stuff that work together to zip up a jacket. Your hands will work just fine, but they won't get it you a spot on Jimmy Kimmel Live. For once, this isn't a hoax.

The Toledo Mud Hens are hosting a Ghostbusters Night. Can you think of a better way to promote that than to get Ghostbusters star and Chicago Cubs superfan Bill Murray to help you hype it using Harry Caray's voice?

The Duke women's lacrosse team spent eight hours in Chicago's Midway airport and made the most of their time there by spoofing Iggy Azalea's hit Fancy. This is proof that airports are a much more exciting place when you're not in them. If you're wondering who or what an Iggy Azalea is, you can see the original video, which is itself a spoof of Clueless, here.

Yoga is good for your health, and if you can find a calm spot on the beach to do it, you're in business. But you might want to make sure the secluded tidal basin you're standing in isn't vulnerable to rogue waves or you might end up going from warrior to downward facing dog to plank to wipeout.

For additional videos that didn't make the cut, check out Twitter at @BNT_RNN. (There are two dog videos to get the taste of "Hero Cat" out of your mouth.) If you see a video that you think is worthy of next week's compilation, feel free to share it either on Twitter or through email at the link at the top of the article.

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