Chance increases for students to switch schools

(Source: MGN Online)
(Source: MGN Online)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Jurisdiction may not play a role much longer when it comes to what school a child attends.

If the bill is passed nearing final legislation, parents could enroll their child in a different public school. If a child attends a D or F school, the child will be eligible to attend an A, B, or C school.

But in Calcasieu Parish, some said the bill won't make a difference. Teri Johnson, President of the Calcasieu Federation of Teachers said children switching schools in the district is common.

"Look at area around Reynaud Middle School," said Johnson. "The higher kids have already left and really and truly the neighborhood school tends to implode."

Johnson said parents moving their children out of schools, can lead to schools closing.

"If they live in that district and they want that child to go to a higher performing school, they go to Child Welfare and Attendance," said Johnson.

Johnson also said if a teacher is teaching at a certain school then bringing their child to their school is easy.

And if a child goes to daycare in a different part of the parish than where they live, Johnson said it's not difficult for parents to switch their child to a nearby school.

"There are a lot of ways already in place here in Calcasieu that kids can go to a different school other than their neighborhood school," said Johnson.

Many parents on the KPLC Facebook page also agreed with Johnson.

"How about we fix the poor performing schools instead of just moving the top kids somewhere else," wrote Kane Krous.

While some people that commented are for the bill.

"Every child deserves a chance at a better education," wrote Brittany Chapman.

But for Johnson, she said moving students to top schools, will only discourage teachers at poor-performing schools.

"What I always say is a teacher's working condition is a student's learning condition," said Johnson.

Johnson also said she sees the bill affecting Baton Rouge and New Orleans more than Calcasieu Parish.

If passed, the bill would start in the upcoming school year. School districts must agree to participate.

Currently, the bill is going to the full house for debate.

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