Moss Bluff mom asks for support after giving birth to baby with rare birth defect

Jacey Barrett (SOURCE: Rebekah Bailey)
Jacey Barrett (SOURCE: Rebekah Bailey)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - It was a rough Mother's Day for 19-year-old Rebekah Bailey of Moss Bluff, who gave birth to 2-week-old Jacey Barnett, who was born with rare birth defect where her intestines stick out of her body.

"It's not what people expected with your first child," said Bailey. "You want to bring it home. You want to hold it after you have her."

Bailey's daughter was born with Gastroschisis and has been under close monitoring at Woman's Hospital in Baton Rouge forcing her to commute back and forth to see her but not being allowed to touch her.

"I can't move her that much because it irritates her stomach and it will get her upset," said Bailey. "It's just hard."

Bailey's mother Jaybeth Bailey says a friend of the family started an online fundraiser under her cosmetic company called Younique where people can buy beauty products with proceeds supporting Jacey's recovery.

"It's hard watching a 19-year-old go through such struggles of having her first child and seeing her first baby being so sick," said Bailey, who says due to financial issues, she hasn't been able to be in Baton Rouge with her and Jacey. "She needs help. She needs the community to reach out to her and let her know that they care."

As she continues to pray for her daughter and Jacey's health, Bailey says she couldn't be more proud of her daughter.

"I love her so much and she is so strong," said Bailey. "I strive to be the mother and the woman that she is becoming."

The family says they haven't been given a specific date for Jacey's release but say that doctors continue to monitor her intestines to ensure they're working properly and that she will most likely remain hospitalized for awhile.

If you would more information on how to help the Bailey family, CLICK HERE.

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