Sons of Confederate Veterans commemorate anniversary of Battle of Calcasieu Pass

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you were standing in front of the court house in Cameron 150 years ago, you would be standing in a full blown battleground. On the anniversary of the Battle of Calcasieu Pass, Southwest Louisiana locals gathered to honor all those soldiers who fought in the Civil War battle that ultimately led to a confederate victory.

"When you go to something like this, we're thinking of our ancestors," said civil war re-enactor Archie Toombs. "You just try mimicking them and being half the person they were."

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans is the oldest hereditary organization for male descendants of confederate soldiers. The anniversary meant commemorating all vets that helped make this historic battle memorable for Southwest Louisiana.

"That was our tribute," said commander captain of the James W. Bryan SCV Camp in Lake Charles Andy Buckley, "That's why we're here; to celebrate and commemorate their commitment to defending their country and freedom."

The SCV sponsors programs which offer members activities including preservation work, making Confederate soldier's graves, carrying out re-enactments, and more.

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