National Guard soldiers return from deployment in Cuba

National Guard members return from deployment in Cuba

These National Guard soldiers from the 228th Military Police are adjusting to life back at home. They've just completed a 9 month and one day deployment at the GTMO detention facility in Cuba. Justin and Corey Duplechin are identical twins and served at the same time and the same facility. 9/11 got them involved.

"At a young age, I really didn't understand it until growing up and actually looking back and seeing how the country evolved around it and what happened afterwards," said Corey. "It inspired me and lot of my buddies and my brother to enlist and go out and do something."

"We come from a small close family," said Justin. "We make the best of everything. We've always had each other's backs and have always been there. We've had a few rough patches, but that's the whole brotherly thing. Yeah, always have been there."

Just like many soldiers who have been deployed, these National Guard members say they formed a bond while serving at Guantanamo Bay.

"You're coming out there with a lot of different people," said Fredrick Lastrapes. "You don't know. You leave there with a bond. It's a brotherhood, sisterhood in this military. Those people are like your family."

"When you're first deployed, many of us didn't know each other," said Martana Jones. "But being together for so long, we formed like a brotherly or sisterly bond. It's unexplainable. For any one of them, I'll take a bullet for them."

This group plans to re-enter civilian life and either go back to school or enter the workforce. They say the experience they received is priceless.

"It's taught me a lot about helping others and being selfless to other people's needs for anything that happens in your home town," said Raina Arnold. "Like for hurricanes and what not. I worked the oil spill, so I was a big part of that."

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