Young boy sees siblings adopted, dreams of his own family

Young boy sees siblings adopted, dreams of his own family

An eight-year-old boy in foster care has watched his younger brother and sister get placed into adoptive homes. He shares the dream of a permanent family to call his own.

Give Ke'vontre a basketball and you will have a new best friend, mixed in with an eager learner!  This adorable child still smiles, even though he has endured some heart break.  He is the last child in his family waiting to be adopted.

Carla Wilson is an adoption specialist with the Department of Children & Family Services.  She oversees Ke'vontre's adoption case and says it is tough to separate sibling groups.  "The youngest child has already been adopted. His youngest sister was recently placed in an adoptive home and Ke'vontre is the last of the three children that needs a home," she said.

That separation has been hard on Ke'vontre, who was especially close with his younger sister.  "I missed her birthday," he said.  When I told Ke'vontre that his sister was undoubtedly still thinking about him, he said, "Me too. I bet I'm thinking about her."

But basketball and school keep Ke'vontre's mind and body active.  His foster mother, Easter Belizare explains, "He's a wonderful reader and he can spell just about anything you can ask him to spell. He's great in school."

This 79-year-old foster mom says if she can handle this busy boy and three other foster boys, she knows a family with an open heart could, too.  "He has a beautiful personality, he loves to play ball. He's a great little boy," said Belizare.

Belizare has had more than 100 children through her home, waiting for their forever families. She says she knows the pain they feel, because she too is an adoptee.  "I understand how they feel. They want to go home and they're hurting."

But after that hurt can come so much joy and Ke'vontre's dream is simple.  "Do you want to have a mom and dad," I asked.

"Yes," he responded.  "Do you care what they look like?" I asked.  "I don't care," said Ke'vontre, "I don't care if they're nice, mean. I will just listen to them."

Ke'vontre says he is not picky about the family that he joins.  He just wants a mom and dad to call his own.

If you want to learn more about adopting Ke'vontre or other children in foster care, call the Department of Children & Family Services at 337-491-2470 or 1-800-814-1584.

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