SWLA's only Civil War battle remembered 150 years later

SWLA's only Civil War battle is remembered this week

Basically ignored by historians, the battle of Calcasieu Pass, which took place 150 years ago on May 6... is not even mentioned in history books on Louisiana's involvement in the Civil War. But Sons of Confederate Veterans member and local author Michael Jones says it was important to the area.

"This was a total victory," said Jones. "The Confederates launched a surprise attack on the two union gunboats. The battle lasted about an hour and a half. Both gunboats were captured along with all their men, cannon, everything."

The Battle of Calcasieu Pass is documented in a book by Jones.  The fight took place in a horseshoe bend of the Calcasieu River and involved two U.S. Navy gunboats, the USS Wave and the USS Granite City. The vessels were part of the Union's blockade of goods and supplies to the south.

"The battle effectively kept any more invasions from coming to southwest Louisiana," said Tommy Curtis with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. "There was no more violence with the battle or the invasion following this battle here. It was very significant."

The Sons of Confederates will take the time to remember both Union and Confederate soldiers who died in SWLA's only civil war skirmish on Saturday, May 10 at 10 a.m.

"Calcasieu Pass is hallowed ground because that's where men fought and died for their country," said Jones. "Some of them were buried there right on what we call Monkey Island."

A marker at the Cameron Courthouse noting the 150 year old battle disappeared after Hurricane Rita.

For more information, go to http://calcasieugreys.blogspot.com/

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