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Residents voice opposition to Moss Lake Village

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No contract, no project.

That's what First Flight says about its proposed worker village in Carlyss, planned for construction workers at the LNG expansion in Cameron Parish.

Yet at last night's community meeting a spokesman for Cameron LNG it's not for their company.

It's unclear if other businesses planning construction would use the facility.

Carlyss residents fighting a Moss Lake Village shouted questions and comments at First Flight officials there to discuss the proposed facility.

Chad Brossett says those living there would have to behave.

"We kind of have a code of conduct, do's and don'ts and if they violate those rules then they're out," said Brossett.

From the start, community leaders said housing will be needed for temporary workers because there are not enough local workers to meet the need over the next few years. 

Yet Stevie Trahan with Cameron LNG says Moss Lake Village is not for their company.

"We are not involved in this man camp, nor do we have plans to be involved in this man camp.  I just want to get that straight for the record for all you folks.  I know it's going around that this man camp is for Cameron LNG.  I'm here to tell you tonight it is not," said Trahan.

Proponents of employee villages say it would help property values--by preventing an over abundance of housing when temporary construction workers leave and reduce traffic because workers would be bused.

Calcasieu Sheriff's Deputies who visited such facilities in Canada say they were impressed.

Commander Matt Vezinot told the crowd, "I wouldn't go up with my family and live there because it's not set up for families.  But it was very well maintained, very well organized, and it was clean and it was near the job site, so yes, I would live there," he said.

Deputy Robbie Broussard predicted, "Our biggest problems are going to be traffic, number one.  Traffic and accidents.  And whether this camp is here or the one in Lake Charles, the workers are coming and we're going to deal with that traffic. The crime I don't think is going to increase so significantly that it's going to impact everybody."

Still, the majority of residents at this meeting don't want Moss Lake Village in their area.

"Gentlemen, we appreciate your efforts, but your development is not welcome in our community. Sound of applause," said resident Barry Badon.  And the crowd erupted into applause.

The Southland Airport Board has a meeting at 4:30 PM next Tuesday, however, airport officials say the proposed lease for first flight is not on the agenda.

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