The dynasty of Hackberry Softball

Hackberry Dynasty

Hackberry High. A Class C school with extremely talented athletes, particularly the girls.

"Their athleticism is outstanding. They have good hand-eye coordination, they see the ball well, they have really learned each others moves and learned how to read each other, and have come along really good." -Head Coach Angie Little

Earlier in the year, the Lady Mustangs basketball team won state. And this weekend, they have the opportunity to do the same, in softball.

"We've worked for this our whole lives. This is really all we've ever done, so it's just a really exciting thing for us to be able to achieve our goals." -Mattie Stine (1st Base)

The first opponent standing in their way? Ebarb.

"We're gonna beat them, that's all I know."

And their confidence comes as no shock; this isn't the first season Hackberry has made it to the tournament.

"We've made it since my sixth grade year, so it's really an awesome feeling, it's a great feeling every time you walk in the ballpark, but it would be awesome to win 4 in a row." -Jolie Trahan (Pitcher)

Of course with a history of success, comes superstition.

"3352 is the lucky bus, and later this afternoon, we are gonna clean it up. Put our new writing on it, and start from there."

And the players say, another state softball title would be icing on the cake of an impeccable senior year.

"It's just something we've always dreamed about since we were little kids, and we want to make history. We want to be remembered in our town, in our state.