How safe is the air we breathe in SWLA?

Happy Wednesday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*New from overnight: a report is released on how healthy our air is, just after the U.S. Supreme Court issued a key ruling on pollution.  We'll share the results of that new report.

*How clean is the air in Southwest Louisiana?  Don't miss a live interview with environmental specialist, Brian Fontenot and IMCAL Director, Grant Bush.

*The debate over marijuana makes its way back on the floor at the State Capitol today.  A bill that re-writes the state's medical marijuana laws will be debated by the Senate Health and Welfare Committee.  Find out how it could change the books on marijuana.

*A big story making national headlines today: Oklahoma officials halt a second execution after a terrible failure during the first execution attempt.  We'll tell you what went wrong and what the inmate said before he died.

*Military grooming guidelines that banned braids, twists and other natural hairstyles popular among African-American women may be getting a makeover.  The Pentagon is taking a second look at the rule after a White House petition was filed with some 16,000 signatures.

Make it a Sunrise day!