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7On your side: Gun totin' granny

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"I'm ready and cocked for whoever keeps banging on my door.  Guess what?  I got something for them," warns Helen Edwards of Gillis.

She says she doesn't want to hurt anybody but warns she has a pistol by her side.
A sign on her door warns, never mind the dog, beware of the owner.  Inside  a 380 caliber gun sits loaded on the coffee table or near her pillow.

"If they come in the front door or the back door where they've been knocking, I am going to protect myself," said Edwards.

The 79 year old says she's been the victim of vandalism and harassment in her neighborhood.  
"People trying to break in my doors.  They broke my storm door, I had to get it repaired.  They break door knobs.  You name it.  They break it.  They vandalize.  They knock on my door all hours of the night.  I don't know what kind of thrill they get out of it but they're going to get caught sooner or later."

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso says they've made numerous trips to her house but have not found sufficient evidence to develop a suspect.

"We've taken some steps, we've worked with her very closely to try to solve and try to come up with a suspect in her particular case and we've been unable to do so," said Mancuso.

Still Mancuso says burglar alarms and carmeras are tools for people to protect themselves and property.  He says it is important for people who decide to arm themselves to know the laws and how to use their weapon.

"All I ask is that you know how to use it. Get properly trained.  I certainly wouldn't want somebody to hurt somebody with their own weapon by not being properly trained.  So, there's places in town.  I know we have, twice a year, we have a shoot that we try to reach people how to carry a gun, how to load it," said Mancuso.

And would-be criminals may want to consider the possible consequences.

"Criminals need to understand that many people arm themselves now," said Mancuso.

Edwards says she hopes she never has to use her gun.  She just wants peace of mind.

"I can't handle too much more of this. This is just too much. And I don't bother nobody," said Edwards.

The sheriff also encourages citizens to know their neighbors and set up neighborhood watch groups. For more information click here.

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