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Sulphur industrial board supports "Moss Lake Village"

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At a Thursday meeting, the Sulphur industrial development board unanimously adopted a resolution in favor of Moss Lake Village, a proposed worker housing development in Carlyss.

The board heard from officials of First Flight Holdings, LLC, the company proposing the project.

Like most small airports, those who run Southland Field want it to grow and see opportunity with the development of Moss Lake Village, which would provide temporary housing for some 2,500 workers.  

But community members are just learning about the proposed project, and many, like Barry Badon, don't like the idea.

"When you come and put 2,500 people in the middle of Carlyss, fenced in or not, you're going to see an increase in crime. You're going to see, potentially, an increase in prostitution, and all the other things that come with that kind of development. When you talk to most of the people from here in Carlyss, they're not in favor of it," said Badon.

However, the Baton Rouge developers say it will be a first-rate operation. Partner Chad Brossett says he'd be willing to have it next to his house.

"It's going to be well run, a first class facility, and something we're going to be proud of, the airport is going to be proud of, and I think the community is going to be proud of."

Brossett says they will be reaching out to various segments of the community to discuss what they have planned and why they say it offers benefits to the community.

"The takeaway is the more people hear about the details, and we invite questions, we invite comments and feedback from the area and, the more people hear the details of it, I think the more comfortable that they feel about it," said Brossett.

Still, Badon and other citizens enjoy the big open spaces out here and how far away their nearest neighbors live. Badon says workers at Moss Lake Village might outnumber the natives. He knows the airport needs the money and infrastructure improvement, but:

"My problem is I want to make sure that the residents of Carlyss are going to wind up better off. The first thing they need to do is come out to the public and answer our questions. There are many of us that have concerns," said Badon.

Badon says he's all for economic development as long as it's not at the expense of Carlyss residents.
Brossett says they hope the Southland Field board will approve a contract at the meeting Tuesday, May 6 at 4:30 p.m. at the airport.

A community meeting for citizens to learn about the project is planned for 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 7, also at the airport.

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