Lee Roberts kept the planes flying in World War 2

Lee Roberts kept the planes flying in World War 2

Lee Roberts joined the Army Air Corps before the war even started. He needed a job even though he knew the storms of war were brewing.

"I told my dad that it was going to be Japan jumping on the United States first, not Germany," said Roberts. "Sure enough, that's what happened. To say we expected that, we never thought about that."

Roberts became a flight mechanic, servicing B-24 bombers at first. He knew that the pilots and crew depended on their expertise.

"You took care of everything and was there to have it ready to go. A lot of times we wouldn't pre-flight them but we would run them up in the morning to make sure they were running before they came out. That was a responsibility. Of course, you've got the crew in your hands, in a sense."

Toward the end of the war, Roberts went overseas, taking care of B-29s in India. Looking back, he says his biggest lesson from the War was learning to depend on people.

"You have to trust other people. You are a group, you are not an individual. No one individual can do it all. So you learn to trust your other members of the crew whether it be the ground crew or even the flight crew."

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