Debates over Medicaid expansion, payday loans, common core

Good Thursday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a rundown of some of today's top stories on Sunrise:

*There's a fierce debate over whether the state should expand its Medicaid coverage ends with a rejection from the GOP-heavy state health committee.  Find out what a former U.S. Senator from Louisiana has to say about the feds offering up money to fund this expansion.

*There's a push to cap payday loans and enforce tougher restrictions.  You'll hear why one lawmaker is saying the reforms need to bring payday lending back to their original purpose.

*A petition with some 6,000 signatures is presented at the State Capitol in support of Common Core.  Find out who's fighting to keep the federal standardized education plan and why they are upset with Governor Bobby Jindal's reversal to oppose it.

*You can dine out for a great cause today in Southwest Louisiana.  We'll tell you about the 14 local restaurants participating in "Dine out for Life," raising money for local AIDS services.

*From pink eye to ringworms, some highly contagious medical conditions are going around this week.  You'll hear from a local family medicine physician about what he's seeing in his clinic.

Make it a Sunrise day!