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David "Dice" Fontenot sentenced to life in prison

David "Dice" Fontenot. (Source: Calcasieu Correctional Center) David "Dice" Fontenot. (Source: Calcasieu Correctional Center)

David "Dice" Fontenot was sentenced to life in prison without benefit of parole for the 2011 shooting death of Stephin Bergeron.

Fontenot was also sentenced to 50 years for the attempted murder of Chance Bourgeois.

Fontenot's second degree murder conviction brings a mandatory sentence of life in prison, but the hearing also offers a chance for the victim's family members to have their say.

April 13th, 2011, the day that ended the life of Stephin Bergeron, created ongoing misery for his mother, Christina Bergeron. She says her life is a living hell.

"I do hope he dies in prison.  He deserves to die in prison.  I got a life sentence.  My kids have a life sentence. We live with this every day.  It's never going to go away," she said.

According to investigators Fontenot was the trigger man.  In addition to second degree murder he was convicted of attempted murder.  In addition to life in prison, for murdering Bergeron, he was sentenced to fifty years, to run at the same time, for attempted murder of Chance Bourgeois.  Bourgeois was with Bergeron when the drive by shooting occurred.

Christina Bergeron hopes Fontenot will never again see outside of prison.

"I feel like he deserves the death penalty but that wasn't on the table unfortunately.  I asked him to give him the full sentence which was life in prison without the possibility of parole because in seven years he's only been out of prison three weeks and in that three weeks time he murdered my son and if he's out on the streets he'll murder again," said Bergeron.

She read a prepared statement to the court and turned to face Fontenot as she called him soulless, cold blooded and with no remorse.  According to testimony of one witness during the trial, Fontenot has said he likes to kill people to watch their souls leave their body.

"You are just a sad, a sick, sad coward and when I leave out of this courtroom today you will be forgotten never to be remembered again, yet my son will be remembered as a  hero,"said Bergeron.

Bergeron has said the events that led up to Stephin's murder started when he tried to keep one of his friends from using drugs.  From here she says she'll work to help crime victims and fight for their rights. 

Fontenot's attorney declined to be interviewed but indicated to the court they plan to appeal.
Since he's sentenced to life in prison, other charges against fontenot have been dismissed.

Fontenot was found guilty of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder on March 26.

It took a jury just over an hour to convict Fontenot — a man prosecutors call a cold-blooded, heartless killer.

Bergeron died in the drive-by shooting along La. 27 in Carlyss. The shots narrowly missed Bourgeois.

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