Lipomassage tightens skin, reduces cellulite

Lipomassage tightens skin, reduces cellulite

A DeRidder OB/GYN is redirecting her focus from women's health to combating obesity for women and men, bringing in the state's first lipomassage program.

Dr. Jenny McCann got into medicine to treat women's health issues, but it was the oftentimes preventable obesity-related problems that sparked a deeper desire to help women lose the dangerous weight.  "It leads to infertility, contributes to polycystic ovarian syndrome and then if you do get pregnant and you're obese, there's an increased risk in cesarean deliveries, pre-eclampsia, stillborns and multiple OB complications," she said.

In a state where more than half of adults are overweight, Dr. McCann decided to extend her practice with Beauregard Memorial Hospital to include obesity medicine.  "If women have medical problems that weight loss can help, then I offer and show them our program," said Dr. McCann.

Women and men can take part in the weight loss program, starting with a step onto the scale.  "With that first visit, we get your weight and your height," said Dr. McCann.

Once a patient's height and weight is taken at the initial consultation, the next step is to undergo a body analysis. A patient will hold an FDA-approved device in front of their body for about thirty seconds.  The device provides a body fat and muscle composition that will be displayed on a chart for a doctor to analyze.  "While they're holding it," said Dr. McCann, "we get a graph and it shows us the green part of the graph is good and that's the muscle and the yellow and red part are the total body fat. The red part is bad. That's the fat that you're going to need to lose to get healthy."

Diets are shaped around the goal of losing fat and keeping muscle.

When diet and exercise are not enough in slimming down and firming up the body, lipomassage can free the fat.  "It actually causes lipolysis, which is a breakdown of the fat cells, and releases it as energy in the body," said Dr. McCann.

Here's how it works: two rollers will go over the patient with a suction in the middle.  A patient wears a stretchy suit that allows the rollers to pick up tissue better, feeling like a massage.  "There are different maneuvers to either get rid of cellulite or to firm up the skink" said Dr. McCann.

The biological response is a reactivation of fat release, plus collagen and elastin production. Results after six to eight weeks show thinned down problem areas, centimeters lost and smoother skin.  "We do take pictures and compare every five visits so you can make sure you're getting the results you want," said Dr. McCann.

Lipomassage is not approved if you are taking blood thinners, have uncontrolled hypertension or cancer. Click here to learn more about the weight loss program and lipomassage.

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