Huge Easter egg hunt, Steel Magnolias, Good Friday Walk for Christ

Good Friday morning to you on this Good Friday!  Britney Glaser here with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*The Lake Area's oldest and biggest Easter egg hunt takes place this morning at Veterans Memorial Park.  We'll tell you about the hunt for 24,000 chocolate eggs and special eggs with prizes!

*This week's Movies Under the Stars in Lake Charles features "Steel Magnolias" at Prien Lake Park.  Find out what time you need to show up to catch the free movie celebrating its 25th anniversary.

*A unique Good Friday event is taking place this morning.  People are invited to the Walk for Christ from St. Patrick Catholic Chapel in Sweet Lake to Bell City this morning.  We'll tell you how you can get involved.

*Crawfish prices have come down slightly with the warmer weather, but suppliers say be prepared for a 25 cent per pound increase today.  Find out the going rate for live and boiled crawfish on this busy weekend.

*Topping world headlines today: the worst disaster to hit climbers on Mt. Everest has killed at least a dozen guides with three others still missing.  We'll tell you about the series of events that unfolded while the guides were checking ropes for climbers.

*Meteorologist Ben Terry tells us we are going to have a pleasant weekend forecast!  Find out how warm it's expected to get into the Easter holiday.

Make it a Sunrise day!