KPLC Internships

KPLC Internships

KPLC-TV accepts intern applications throughout the year. We have a number of areas where someone can specialize: on-air/producers; digital content, weather; graphics.

To apply, here is what is needed:

* You must be attending a school which will give the student, in writing, credit for the number of hours worked. You should see your counselor or academic advisor to obtain this permission. The school must also specify how many hours, per week, an intern must be at KPLC 7 News.

* Once permission has been obtained, the student should call the KPLC-TV News Director at 337-437-7566 or email at for an interview.

* If accepted, a schedule will be set up with the intern and KPLC-TV. Interns are required to be at KPLC-TV no less than four hours at any one time since they may be sent to accompany reporters and photographers on stories.

* Interns at KPLC-TV are not paid. Instead, they receive school credit upon successful completion of their internship.

* Interns do not do any work which cannot already be performed by a paid employee. An internship is designed to expose the student to the rigors of the television business. It is then up to the intern to decide if the business is what they would like to pursue for a career.