Lake Charles man survives IED attack in Afghanistan

Lake Charles man survives attack in Afghanistan

After 9-11, Tommy Thibodeaux couldn't just sit around and do nothing. So he quit his job on an offshore rig and joined the Marines.  On his first tour of duty, he guarded the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan.  On his second tour, Thibodeaux helped with security during the Afghani national elections. Thibodeaux was awarded The Purple Heart when the convoy he was riding in was attacked by an IED.

"On our way back, I got hit with three 107 rockets," said Thibodeaux. "I flew out of the truck and landed in a field.  I lost a couple of my buddies.  It was tough."

Thibodeaux continued to track down his attacker, a 15 year old boy using his cell phone as a trigger.

"The only thing that saved my life was that I had my canteen strapped to my bullet proof vest and it had me sitting in the front seat and I was arched back.  So the blast totally blew a hole in my seat and it cracked my saavy plate in half, crushing my canteen and threw me right out the window."

Thibodeaux says he came back home an angry man, but sought help for his injuries.

"It just took time and the support of my family.  The people that love me and that know kind of what I've been through.  I've never old anybody exactly what happened there."

Tommy Thibodeaux says his story is a reminder that there are still men and women in Afghanistan fighting and dying for our country.  That is why he is this week's Hometown Patriot.

Thibodeaux stays in touch with the Wounded Warriors group, which helps veterans deal with the aftermath of serving during wartime.

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