Tax day, controversial audits, help a woman gain mobility

Good Tuesday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*Time is running out for you to file your 2013 tax return, but there are some last minute tips that could maximize your savings.  We'll tell you about some big deductions and what to do if you aren't ready for the deadline.

*Questions still remain following yesterday's murder-suicide and house fire in South Lake Charles.  We'll bring you up to speed on the investigation.

*A bill that would create fines for throwing cigarette butts out of vehicles makes its way through the legislative process in Baton Rouge.  You'll also hear about a domestic abuse housing bill and heroin bill that are up for votes.

*Two big state audits are released and are raising some eyebrows.  We'll tell you about the concerns over abuse and neglect with children being seen through the Department of Children and Family Services.  You'll also hear about the audit over school voucher money.

*You might have seen KPLC's Monica Grimaldo report on a local woman named Lynette Johnson who had both of her legs amputated after a series of nearly 50 knee replacement surgeries.  She is part of a nationwide contest to win a vehicle she could drive and she'll be joining us on Sunrise to tell us how we can help make her dream come true.

Make it a Sunrise day!