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Sulphur City Council District #1 race no longer challenged


It was an election that was too close to call right up until the end. When all was said and done, only two votes separated the candidates for Sulphur's District #1 race. However, due to confusion over redistricting -- at least three voters, voted in the wrong district -- causing challenger Randy Hebert to question incumbent Dru Ellender's win.

"I want to thank the voters who showed up on election day... Even the four who voted out of district because of poor planning on the registrar of voters part," said Hebert.

Hebert had until 4:30 Monday to contest the election, but chose not to. However, he encouraged people to know their voting rights when heading to the polls.

"It's ever so vital, but at the same time they showed up - they need to know they have final authority on how their vote is cast and if it's cast correctly," said Hebert.

Hebert also thanked Ellender for a clean race. First elected in 2006, this will be Ellender's third term on Sulphur's City Council. She thanked her constituents and said she knows just how close the election was.

"This is the part where you say every vote counts. And so in this particular one - every vote counted," said Ellender.

With a mayoral runoff and another council seat on the May 3rd ballot, Ellender hopes more people will exercise their right to vote.

"79% of the people in my district did not vote. How can you get your word across if you don't come out there and vote," said Ellender.

Early voting for the May 3rd election starts this Saturday, April 19th and continues through Saturday, April 26th. There are also some tax props on the ballot.

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