Lake Charles woman hopes to win wheelchair accessible van

Lake Charles woman hopes to win wheelchair accessible van
Lynette Johnson. (Source: National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association)
Lynette Johnson. (Source: National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association)

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - Lake Charles resident Lynette Johnson lost both legs during a series of nearly 50 knee replacement surgeries.

Now, as part of a nationwide contest hosted by the National Mobility Equipment Dealer's Association, Johnson hopes she can live her dream of getting behind the wheel again.

"The doctor came in and said, 'It's either your limb or your life' and of course, I chose life," said Johnson.

Johnson has spent the last four years in and out of surgery rooms. Feeling helpless and at times losing hope, she says not being able to use her legs hasn't been easy.

"I've been able-bodied for all my life until recently and I didn't realize what a disabled person goes through each day," said Johnson. "The simple tasks like changing a light bulb or reaching into a cabinet for a cup. The adjustment is indescribable. You grieve."

Now, Johnson is regaining her strength. She's already made her first steps using her set of prosthetic legs, but she wants to do more.

As part of National Mobility Awareness Month, the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing mobility options for people with disabilities, is giving away custom wheelchair accessible vehicles for people just like Johnson.

"One of my family members just stumbled upon the contest," said Johnson. "I didn't know that such a thing existed. This is the third year running this contest and they're giving away 4 vehicles and this van would be great."

As she continues to live a normal life with the help of her family and caregivers, Johnson says she wants to help others do the same.

"I want to bring awareness to our community," said Johnson. "We're just going to walk and drive and do everything that I used to do and that's exciting.

Though Johnson says times were rough, she says she hasn't lost her sense of humor. She says for her birthday coming up next week, she just has one request.

"Please no socks," said Johnson. "Just don't give me socks."

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