Tahj Jones update, bizarre info. on Felix Vail, session preview

Happy Monday morning to you!  Britney Glaser here with a look at what's in store on today's Sunrise:

*Former LSU linebacker and Sulphur native Tahj Jones remains in critical condition at an Alexandria hospital this morning.  He was shot over the weekend, reportedly by another former LSU and NFL player.  We'll bring you the latest information on this unfolding case.

*New information reveals disturbing details about Felix Vail, the man accused in the 1962 death of his first wife in Southwest Louisiana.  Find out what an ex-wife is saying about the storage of surgical saws in a secret compartment inside of his car.

*Today marks the sixth week of the 2014 state legislative session.  Lawmakers still have some glaring issues to resolve, from a budget bill to marijuana laws and common core.

*In a big story topping national news today, authorities in Utah are investigating a gruesome case of a mother killing seven of her own infants.  We'll tell you about the discovery of the remains and what's known about this mother today.

*Meteorologist Ben Terry says big weather changes are in store - including temperatures that could dip into the 30s mid-week.  He'll have the pinpoint forecast that does include a chance for rain today.

Make it a Sunrise day!