39th annual Tour of Homes features Charpentier Historic District

The Rhoden House on Hodges St. (Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC)
The Rhoden House on Hodges St. (Source: Monica Grimaldo/KPLC)

It's not too often you hear people willing to let their homes be toured but 6 Lake Charles homes opened up their doors as a part of the 39th annual Palm Sunday Tour of Historical Homes hosted by the Calcasieu Historical Preservation Society.

This year's tour was themed "Beautiful Bones: Historic Preservation in Action," and featured homes with everything from classic chandeliers and unique decor.

"Seeing all the craftsmanship and all the details was really the interesting part," said volunteer Allison Savoy, who was a part of the tour for the first time.

Many locals from the Lake Charles area roamed the streets into some of the areas most beautiful and turn of the 20th century. Each has its own distinct charm and architectural character from the era.

"You get information on the history of the houses and get to know what's inside and it's just pretty to see the old home," said attendee Tammy Daughtrey.

Home owner Megan Guillory had her newly renovated home on Kirby street as a part of the tour and says seeing it go from start to finish is a sight to see.

"All of the plumbing, all of the electrical, pretty much everything you see in the house is new," said Guillory. "So, it makes me feel really secure that even though I'm living in a 100-year-old home, it's been completely renovated, updated and personalized to me so, that's something that I really like about it."

Most people say their favorite part of the tour was more than what met the eye, but the stories behind the homes.

"I think the history is what I'm interested in," said attendee Martha Fontenot. "The details, the architecture and you get to know a little bit about the people that live there."

Lori Barnhill, who volunteered at the event for the first time, says it taught her more about her personal history.

"I got to learn a lot about the city that I was born and raised in," said Barnill. "You know, different things about my home town."

The Charpentier historic district is a national register listed site with over 400 structures.

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