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Tax day lunar eclipse for SW LA

Pull out your lawn chairs and pop the popcorn, because we'll get our view of a total lunar eclipse on Tuesday, April 15 that will be visible not only here in Southwest Louisiana but also across the entire US.

Since this will be a total eclipse, the entire moon will be shadowed, not only a portion as in some other types of eclipses that occur from time to time.

If you are waiting to the last minute to file your income taxes this year, you may miss out on the eclipse as it will begin at 1:00 a.m. local time on the morning of Tuesday, April 15.

Of course clouds will dictate whether we are able to get a clear view of the moon, but skies should be mostly clear Tuesday morning as a cold front moves east of the area on Monday.

Don't forget to take some photos and send them to

During the eclipse, the moon will appear red for around one hour.

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