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"Chlorine Burnout" to improve Lake Charles water quality

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Later this month the City of Lake Charles will begin what's called a "chlorine burnout." It's described as a system-wide flushing of chlorine through the city's water system.

"It's going to help us clean out our water system, help with any discoloration of water in some of these areas, where water may not be of the highest quality. You find that a lot of times far away from the plants, where you don't have a lot of looping systems. It's usually where you don't have a lot of water moving in some areas," explained Mister Edwards, Lake Charles Public Works Director.

Edwards said they'll likely begin at the Chennault Water Plant and work their way out from there to the city's five other water plants. 

The chlorine will be introduced at the water plants, then flushed through the system and eventually flushed out through fire hydrants. Edwards said this process will hopefully pull out any debris and buildups from over the years. He said depending on the blockages the fire hydrants could run for up to eight hours.

The water will be safe to consume throughout the entire process, however, residents may notice the following: water discoloration, cloudiness, slight chlorine taste or odor.

For a quick fix Edwards said, "Flush it out... run your water. It shouldn't take long to clean it out. Because we are actually going to be flushing in the area as well. So run some of that water."

Dialysis patients using tap water will also need to monitor the chlorine content, as well as people with fish aquariums.

Edwards said the chlorine burnouts are not mandatory in Louisiana, but that this is something the City of Lake Charles plans to do every one to two years.

"This is a maintenance program. We are going to be out there flushing our lines, hopefully making to better for everyone that's coming down the road," said Edwards.

Edwards said the program will begin on April 28th and last anywhere from six to eight weeks.

For more information on the program and commonly asked questions and concerns click here.

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