CPSB policy change for Out-of-Zone requests

CPSB policy change for Out-of-Zone requests
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)
(Source: Erica Bivens/KPLC)

CALCASIEU PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Calcasieu Parish School Board members met Tuesday afternoon, voting on a number of policies. One in particular will affect a number of students. It deals with the Out-of-Zone policy.

The change in policy is designed to save both parents and the district time, while simplifying the approval process.

It was approved by the Administration and Personnel Committee last month and then approved by the full board today, but not before addressing a number of concerns.

While the policy was vetted in committee last month, board members say they've received phone calls since then, with additional concerns.

Most board members concerns focus on the changes. A look at current policy shows that students who wish to attend a school other than the one designated for their resident attendance zone are required to apply for an Out-of-Zone Transfer Request.

The Superintendent then must approve the request, which currently needs to be completed each year.

But after Tuesday's vote, requests now will be approved at each grade level transition (i.e. from Pre-K to Kindergarten, or from Elementary to Middle School) or, when requesting to change schools.

The idea is to simplify the process, saving parents and the district time. Still, there were questions.

"If that student is not really adhering to our attendance policy, would that student be reverted back to their home school?" asked CPSB member Joe Andrepont.

Superintendent Wayne Savoy responded, "Normally that's reviewed at the end of the year. That's our present procedure now. I see no real change in that. A lot of times we'll get into it if there's some extenuating circumstances and we review, we talk to each Principal prior to those appeals."

Other concerns like majority-to-minority transfer requests came up, prompting additional clarity.

"So what we're doing is just those kids that are granted to go Out-of-Zone through our choice, not through a legal choice. Ok, just want to make sure we're clear on that," stated CPSB member Mack Dellafosse.

The policy change goes into effect this fall.

Out-of-Zone applications are available now at the office of Child Welfare and Attendance, located at 2423 Sixth Street in Lake Charles. Completed request forms should be submitted by mail to the CWA office by the May 30 deadline. Schools will not accept out-of-zone requests.

All applications submitted by May 30 will receive a decision via mail by July 7.

Call 337-217-4230 for more information.

Board members also approved the e-cigarette ban on all school properties.

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