MSU's Pi Kappa Phi "Pedaling For Push"

MSU's Pi Kappa Phi "Pedaling For Push"

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - McNeese's Pi Kappa Phi fraternity was feeling the burn Monday night. The fraternity brothers are "Pedaling for Push." It's the group's main philanthropy to help "Push America" - a nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities.

"We're actually having our brothers have hour-long shifts for 36 hours. Every brother has one or two shifts throughout the 36 hours," said Jacob Terracina, MSU Pi Kappa Phi.

The event is part of a larger effort called "The Journey of Hope" -- a cross country bike ride to raise awareness for people with disabilities. It's not just Pi Kappa Phi stepping up to pedal, other students on campus are helping out too.

"I've been at it for 57 minutes. It feels good... I'm not hurting yet," said Amy Talbot.

Whether it's an hour or 30 minutes, they say every little bit helps.

"Oh, it makes me feel great. I love helping out other people. It's just what we are about here at McNeese," said Jada Jackson.

With a long night ahead, Pi Kappa Phi said they are stocked up on Red Bull and momentum, but invite anyone to come and Pedal for Push.

"And if you want to take a ride... I know our brothers are going to really need some help with their legs," said Terracina.

Pi Kappa Phi will be pedaling until 4 p.m. Tuesday in the New Ranch at McNeese.

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